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  • Prof. Samuel Agyei-Mensah, Provost of College of Humanities (5th from right) and Harvard School of Public Health Team
  • Prof. Codjoe - Director of RIPS (right) and Canadian High Commissioner
  • Snapshot of participants Pre COP Climate Festival
  • Prof. Codjoe (3rd from left) Director of RIPS/President of Union for Africa Population Studies and Council Members
  • Prof. Codjoe (right) President of Union for African Population Studies and Anastasia Gage (left) President of International Union for the Scientific Study of Population
  • 2017 Pre COP Climate Festival
  • Trainees at the Willows Impact Evaluation Baseline Survey Training
  • Prof. Samuel Agyei-Mensah, Provost of College of Humanities interacting with trainees at the Willows Impact Evaluation Baseline Survey Training
George Pokoanti Wak
Research Area: Maternal Migration and Under-five Mortality in Northern Ghana

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

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