It is with great pleasure that I assume the leadership of this great institute, as its Director. For close to 50 years, RIPS has played a pioneering role in  training high calibre population scientists from all over the African continent. This achievement has been made possible through several dedicated Directors,  faculty, and staff, who over the years have fostered an environment that promoted quality teaching and learning, and producing the best scientists in  population and related disciplines across Africa,and beyond.
Having assumed the driving seat, I am poised to continue to promote congenial environment for teaching, learning and research, to foster training of the  next  generation of scientists to meet the needs of the 21st century where science drives innovation and development. In this regard, I am keen to foster  local and international collaborations, particularly with industry and related training centres across the world, to draw on new thinking and methods in the field of demography and population science to address national, continental, and global population and health challenges. We will nurture and grow our collaboration with DAAD to train scientists across the African region, thereby reinvigorating  the regional character of institute.

I am excited to be in a position to contribute my expertise and experience to lead RIPS to the next level. Of course, this will require the collective effort of my colleagues on the faculty, staff, and students, for us to realise the aspirations of the institute within the context of the broader vision of the university.

Finally, let me take this opportunity to inform all – students, faculty, the wider university community, collaborators, and development partners, that that RIPS will be 50 years next year. A series of activities would be lined up to celebrate this important feat. It will serve as opportunity to take stock of what we have been able to achieve over the last 50 years, what we could have done better and chart the way forward.

So, welcome aboard and let’s buckle up for take off!

Prof Ayaga Agula Bawah
Director (RIPS-UG)