The Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS), University of Ghana, is reaching out to its alumni. We want to re-connect with our former students who achieved significant milestones during their time with us. We recognise that our alumni are an important part of the Institute’s community, and we believe reigning in their support will result in mutually beneficial results to them and us. Our alumni will gain:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Revamping lifelong relationships
  • Incorporating alumni views in the strategic planning of RIPS
  • Streamlining volunteerism and mentorships opportunities for alumni and students thereby impacting community

RIPS also stands to reap the following benefits:

  • Creating the platform for students to expand career opportunities
  • Gathering information that can help improve student experience
  • Strengthening giving opportunities.

Strategies for Alumni Engagement

  1. Information gathering – tracer studies, baseline data gathering, updating available student information.
  2. Create group identities – Alumni groupings will as much as possible be segregated by year groups in order to engender existing bonds. Groupings will nominate co-ordinators from amongst themselves to spearhead activities.
  3. Use of Social Media platforms for broader reach – RIPS accounts on social media platforms (LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook) will be utilised to reach out and track alumni.
  4. Recognise personal achievements – place alumni’s personal achievements in the spotlight in order to encourage sharing.

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