Name of Project: Implementation and Impact Evaluation of Willows’ Reproductive Health Programme in Ghana (WIE Project)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ayaga Bawah

Funder: Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation

Project Summary: Willows International has been implementing behavior change reproductive health programs in several countries, including Ghana. Harvard University with funding from Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation is partnering with the Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS), as the local partner to lead the evaluation of Willows International’s activities in Ghana. The evaluation has two arms; a prospective evaluation which includes the conduct of a baseline survey to determine baseline characteristics of the study population and to be followed up with three additional surveys, as well as process evaluation. Then there will be a retrospective survey which will be conducted in Kumasi to evaluate the program that has since ended.

The prospective arm of the study would take place in the following communities in Accra: Osu Klottey, La, Teshie and Nungua (OLALE) while the retrospective assessment would be in Aboabo and Sepe Buokrom in Kumasi. The design is that of a plausibility trial, so there are comparison communities for both Accra and Kumasi. The comparison communities for Accra are La Nkwantanang (Madina), Abogba and Old Ashongmang. For Kumasi, the comparison communities are Sepe Timpon and Anloga.

The overall goal of the evaluation is to provide data and analysis that can be used to inform future programmatic decision-making, both for the Foundation as well as for the Willows International.