PROJECT NAME: Classroom Learning Environments Ghana Study (CLEGS)

FUNDER: The International Growth Centre



This project sought to understand some of the constraints to basic education performance in Ghana by focusing on the influence of classroom environments on pupil learning outcomes. Its objectives are to assess the quality of the learning environment in kindergarten and first grade primary classrooms and to determine the extent to which the environment correlates with pupil performance.

This study sought to answer the following research questions:

  1. How conducive are classroom environments for learning?
  2. Which teacher characteristics create a stimulating learning environment for pupils?
  3. Can learning environments explain between-school variations in student performance?


The design of the study involved a mixed method approach to collect primary qualitative and quantitative data on classroom environment, teacher and school characteristics and student performance. A pilot was conducted in January 2016 and the main data collection took place from May 2016 to June 2016.

The study collected data on approximately 4,000 pupils in 174 classrooms from 62 schools from three districts in the Greater Accra and Central regions. The data collected included information on the physical environment through direct observation of classroom and on the intellectual through observation of teacher-pupil interactions and a detailed teacher questionnaire. Pupils were administered short tests of literacy, numeracy and reasoning.